How Youth Saved Bananas in Uganda | Ravi Kumar

It just expenses three U.S. A Person just need to text "join" in order to 8500 in Uganda for you to become a U-reporter.

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But suddenly, bananas, your staple food, are usually below threat. That's what Lyudmila Bujoreanu, an info as well as communications technology specialist in the Globe Bank, thought when the lady located out concerning bacteria destroying bananas. Inside just five days, 190,000 Ugandans discovered about BBW and the issues they can easily do within order to conserve bananas in his or her farms.

She discovered out with regards to U-report, any communications technologies developed by UNICEF Uganda in order to "give younger Ugandans a voice in issues they care about." You will find greater than 240,000 U-reporters and also the number is expanding each day. Banana bacterial wilt (BBW), the disease, can be attacking bananas. Throughout days which followed, SMSs had been sent out to inform U-reporters concerning BBW along with how anyone can control it.

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The initial SMS ended up being sent about March 26, 2013 in order to practically 190,000 U-reporters with a question: "Do you know any kind of farmers whose banana plantations or perhaps crops are generally have contracted banana bacterial wilt disease? YES or perhaps NO."

Imagine your self residing in Uganda, the landlocked country within East Africa, where greater than 14 million folks consume bananas practically daily. cents for each person regarding each as well as every SMS. The Particular bacteria necessary to become stopped immediately. Inside fact, like a resident throughout Uganda, chances are you and every person you understand can be consuming 0.7 kilograms associated with bananas per day. In the event that BBW had destroyed bananas inside Uganda, the nation could have mislaid $360 million per year.. This has destroyed 90 percent involving bananas in some farms. BBW can be recognized to spread rapidly through soil along with other plants, plus it can cause total crop loss inside the year.

Bujoreanu as well as the team reached out for you to UNICEF to ascertain if U-reporters can help "visualize your BBW epidemic along with disseminate details for you to affected communities." Then your woman as well as her colleagues launched the five-day campaign with UNICEF and others in order for you to save bananas.

This can always be a classic instance of youth making use of technologies to assist on their own in addition to their communities in order to avert what may possess be a national challenge.


Using U-reporters to save bananas would always be a simple, effective, as well as cheap solution. The Girl started to check out solutions that will conserve the actual staple food.

Within 24 hours, responses through more than 35,000 U-reporters assisted monitor the particular spread of BBW across Uganda. Citizens of not 1 other nation in the globe eat much more bananas when compared with Ugandans.

Not in order to exaggerate, but this could possibly be a disaster with regard to Uganda

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